Why is the GPS’s location not updated in real-time?

In hunt mode, the GPS sends its location to WeHunt’s central servers every 10 seconds. The WeHunt app on your phone in turn obtains the locations of all your hunting companions and GPS from the server.


If a dog-GPS is within 250 metres of the user, the app retrieves new positions from the server every 5 seconds, but at longer distances the app retrieves new positions from the server less frequently. If the closest dog-GPS is more than 500 metres away, the app will obtain new locations every 10 seconds; if the nearest dog-GPS is more than 750 metres away, it will only get new locations every 15 seconds.


The purpose of this is to preserve your phone’s battery, because constant data traffic drains a lot of power.


Please note that the GPS will only send its location once every minute to save battery if the GPS is being transported at faster than 70 km/h. The GPS location will therefore not be up-to-date straight away during transportation by car.


In order for the GPS to be able to send its locations as described above, the GPS must have contact with the GSM network (2G) and GPS satellites.