is a web-based service that enables you, the user, to manage your account information, create and edit your hunting grounds with demarcated sub-areas, prohibited areas and pushpins. In the map tool, you can also upload shared documents for the hunting ground, such as meeting minutes and seasonal quotas. You can also manage print-outs of your hunting ground and print them out in an A4-A0 format.

Upload game cameras for your hunting ground to view the images via the app when you wish to do so.

At, you will also find your calendar, where you can upload hunts and plan group activities on the hunting ground, such as pass clearings and inventories.

This is also where you will find our popular games The wildboar stand and The Shooting range, if you are keen to do some shooting from your keyboard.

On the WeHunt Pro tab you have the option to purchase or renew a subscription and read more about the benefits of WeHunt Pro.