At, you will be able to search for your nearest WeHunt GPS dealer.

The GPS has a recommended retail price of 199.5 EUR; a subscription providing unlimited use all year round is available for 99.5 per year.

99,5 EUR/yearWeHunt GPS-subscription


99,5 EUR/yearWeHunt GPS-subscription
  • WeHunt Pro included
  • Factory fitted SIM card
  • Select network operator according to coverage
  • Tracking via GPRS directly in the app
  • Display device for hunt participants
  • Online tracking
  • Stand indikator
  • Calling feature
  • Track length 10 min-12h
  • Send interval 5 min – 10 sec
  • Speed alarm
  • Direction indicator
  • GPS status via WeHunt notifications

Cost for purchase of WeHunt GPS not included (RRP 199,5 EUR)

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