To hunt with WeHunt, you need a hunting ground. Although there is the option to +Add hunting ground in the app’s left-hand menu, we recommend creating your hunting ground on the website initially.

If a hunting companion has already created your hunting ground in WeHunt, ask them to invite you to the hunting team and skip the explanation below.

Carry out the following steps to create your hunting ground on
1. Log into your WeHunt account on
2. Select Hunting grounds in the left-hand menu
3. Click on New hunting ground in the left-hand menu
4. Zoom in on the desired area of the map and click the map to add boundaries for the ground. To move the map, you need to keep pressing the mouse and drag the map in the desired direction. If the boundary closes before it is completely correct for the ground, simply drag the white dots on the boundary until it is where you want it to be. If a dot is in the wrong place, you can right-click it and choose to erase it.
5. Click Save.
6. Enter a name for your hunting ground and click OK.

7. Invite any members of your hunting team by clicking on Invite and entering the email addresses for the people you wish to include in your hunting team.
If you wish to make the invitation process a little simpler for you, you can use the app’s left-hand menu to tap and select your hunting ground. You can then tap Manage in the right-hand menu in the app and Create a Join code for the hunting ground. You will then need to distribute the Join code among the people you wish to include in the hunting party, who will each need to enter the code under Enter code in the left-hand menu in the app.

You can make changes to the hunting ground at any time, e.g. change area boundaries or invite additional hunting team members by tapping the name of the hunting ground under Hunting grounds and Hunting teams in the left-hand menu or under Hunting grounds at

All hunting team members can now work together on the hunting ground in the app. Tap the name of the hunting ground under Hunting grounds and Hunting teams in the left-hand menu. Next, press (+) on the map, press Map pin and use the cross-hair to select a location in which to add passes, towers, feed locations etc.