ANT+ via Garmin USB stick on Android phones

Many Android phone models have lost the built-in support of ANT+ after updates to Android 11. By using a USB adapter for ANT+ from Garmin and a USB On-The-Go cable, it is possible to connect an Android phone without built-in support for ANT+ directly to a Garmin handset, provided that the phone supports USB On-The-Go and that the necessary services have been installed on the phone (ANT Radio Service, ANT USB Service).

The instructions below have been tested with the Samsung S20 FE (Android 11), Samsung S21 5G (Android 11), Huawei Honor View 20 (Android 10), as well as the OnePlus 7T Pro (Android 11). We cannot give any guarantees that these instructions will work for everyone, nor can we offer support for the hardware or software required as this is completely beyond WeHunt's control.

1 . Install the 'ANTtest' app from Google Play: 

2. Open ANTtest and check that there is a green tick next to 'ANT capable' at the top, and that it says 'Yes' next to 'USB On-The-Go support'. If it says 'No', you will not be able to use ANT+ via Garmin's USB stick on your phone.

3. If it says 'No' on the line 'ANT USB Service installed', tap the download icon on the right and install 'ANT USB Service' from Google Play. Then go back to ANTtests.

4. If it says 'Not available' on the line 'ANT Radio Service', tap the download icon on the far right of the same line and install 'ANT Radio Service' from Google Play. Then go back to ANTtests.

5. It should now say 'Yes' on the line 'ANT USB Service installed' and version number in green on the lines 'ANT Radio Service' and 'ANT USB Service'. If not, then unfortunately Garmin's ANT+ USB stick will not work on your phone.

6. Buy an ANT+ USB stick from Garmin here: 

7. Buy a USB On-The-Go cable for your phone. It should have USB-A at one end and the other end should be the right USB connector for connecting to your phone. A USB On-The-Go cable for Android phones with USB-C connectors is available for purchase here: 

8. Start the ANT tests again.

9. Connect the ANT+ USB stick to the USB On-The-Go cable.

10. Connect the USB On-The-Go cable to your Android phone.

11. Your phone should now recognise the USB stick and ask if you want to open the ANT USB Service. Tick 'Always open' and press OK.

12. A new heading 'USB Devices' should now appear in ANTtests, with information about the ANT+ USB stick connected.

13. Finally, follow the instructions here to connect to the Garmin handset to WeHunt via the ANT+ USB stick: 

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