What subscriptions are available and what do I need?

We offer three different subscriptions tailored to how you want to use WeHunt. Log in to your account at wehunt.app to sign up for your subscription.



The all-in-one solution for a better hunting experience.

- Scent indicator

-Hunting seasons

-Terrain map with height curves

-See the hunting team

-See WeHunt GPS divices

Day pass: 4,49€/day

(in-app purchase)

9,49 €/year

Everything in WeHunt standard, plus:

-See and share GPS devices from Tracker, Ultracom and Garmin

-Property boundaries throughout the Nordic region

Day pass: 7,50€/day

(in-app purchase)

19,49 €/year

See and share your dog directly on your phone.

WeHunt Premium included

GPS Max 1 - 99,90 €/year

GPS Max 2 -135,99 €/year

GPS Max 3 - 167,99 €/year

GPS Max 6 - 209 €/year

Works with Tracker Artemis, Tracker Bark, Tracker G10i, Tracker Supra, Tracker G1000, Tracker G500FI