How to get started with Tracker Active

Before attempting to add your device to WeHunt, make sure you have at least one GPS Max 1 subscription; otherwise, the device will not appear on the map.

1. Connect the charger to the GPS device and wait until it is fully charged.

2. Press the power button on the side of the device to turn it on.

3. Take the device at least 25 meters away from buildings.

4. Download and install the WeHunt app from your phone's app store (minimum requirements are Android 6.0 or Apple iOS 13).

5. Log in with your credentials or register an account in the app.

6. Open the menu on the left side of the WeHunt app.

7. Select "My devices" and then choose "Add device."

8. Choose Tracker/Ultracom.

9. Choose to scan the QR code or IMEI barcode, or manually enter the IMEI number.

10. You will now see the device model, IMEI number, and subscription validity. Select "Next."

11. To view the device on the map, you must select a dog for the device. Choose an existing dog profile or select "Add dog" to create a new dog profile.

12. If you want to add an administrator to your device, you can do so by selecting "Add administrator."

13. Select "Done," and your device will appear on the map when it receives its first position.