As a Tracker user, how can I share my dogs on the map in a hunt in WeHunt?

If you are a dog handler using the Tracker app, you can easily share your dogs to an ongoing hunt in WeHunt by using the connection code in WeHunt. 

Just follow the steps below, 

1. Get the connection code for the specific hunt you are participating in. You should be able to get it from the hunt administrator. 

2. Go to groups in the Tracker app (you find it in the main menu). 

3. Click on the plus button and select the "Connect to WeHunt hunt" option. 

4. Fill in the WeHunt connection code. 

5. Go to the device you want to share with the hunt and add it to the Tracker group. 

6. Now all hunters using WeHunt Premium will be able to see the dogs you have added in the Tracker group.