As a Tracker user, how can I share my devices to WeHunt?

You can share your devices to Wehunt in two different ways. Either you share your dogs with an ongoing hunt in WeHunt. See this article for information on how this works. 

If you want a WeHunt user to become the administrator of your device, you need to do the following, 

1. Go to devices in the Tracker app.

2. Tap "Share Admin-rights" on the device you want to share, this will create an Admin code.

3. When the administrator adds the device to WeHunt, there will be a prompt to fill in the Admin code. 

Please note that the owner of the device, i.e. the Tracker user who created the Admin code, can delete the Admin code at any time and thus revoke all WeHunt users Admin rights to that specific device. To be administrator of a device in WeHunt, you need a WeHunt Premium subscription.