WeHunt GPS II - Information

WeHunt GPS/GPS II is a small GSM-based tracker that is easy to share with the entire hunting team.



  • Easy and hassle-free installation; all the settings for your WeHunt GPS II can be altered directly in the app.
  • Unlimited range in the EU/EEA, with GSM coverage to increase security.
  • Weighs only 39 grams – perfect GSM-based complement to Garmin. 
  • IP67 rated. 
  • Smart calling feature so that you can listen to the dog.
  • Refresh rate from 10 seconds.
  • Automatically goes into sleep mode when not in use.
  • Comes with factory-fitted M2M SIM card that automatically selects the best available operator where the dog is located.
  • WeHunt GPS II has an on/off button and magnetic charging.


The GPS subscription includes unlimited data traffic 365 days a year, as well as WeHunt Premium with maps of the entire Nordic region and a range of extra features for a safer, easier and more fun hunt.




1. Charge the device for at least three hours before using it for the first time

2. The device starts automatically during charging. The blue light remains lit.

3. The blue light goes out when the device is fully charged.

4. The device enters standby mode when it has remained still for three minutes. In standby mode, only the green light flashes.

5. The device will start when the motion sensor registers a movement.

6. Update interval:

Energy saving: Position is only sent every five minutes if the device is in motion; this saves battery life.

Hunting: Position is sent every 10 seconds. The hunting intervals turn on automatically when energy saving mode is switched off.




Tracking via GPRS – The device communicates with WeHunt over the internet, and can therefore be seen on your phone regardless of the distance between you and the dog.

Listening – Call up and listen to your dog

Customisable broadcast range – Power saving (5 min) or 10 seconds

Speed alarm – Receive a notification in the WeHunt app when the device exceeds a speed of 70km/h

On-point indicator – The icon on the map is replaced when the GPS has only moved within a 15 metre radius in the last 30 seconds

Status information – With the interval set to 10 seconds, you receive ongoing updates of the device’s GSM and GPS coverage via push notifications in the app

Share your device during a hunt – The device's position can easily be shared with other hunt participants

Tracking length – 10 min, 30 min, 1 hr, 6 hrs, 12 hrs

Speed vector – Clear icon which shows the direction of the unit

Symbol colour – Change the colour of symbols and tracks

GeoFence – An alarm is activated on your phone when the GPS leaves the selected area




Dimensions: 65 x 35 x 16 (mm)

Weight: 38 g

Battery: Lithium-ion, 800 mAh

GSM band: 850/1900 Mhz, 900/1800 Mhz

Power source: USB (5V, 500 mA)

Operating temperature: -20°C to +65°C

GPS Time To First Fix: Active 1 sec, Warm 35 secs, Cold 45 secs

GPS sensitivity: -158 dB

Accuracy (position): 5 m

GPS chip: u-Blox 7

Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing

Battery life: 8-12 hrs with 10 second send interval

Memory: 8MB (flash memory)

LED: GPS and charging (blue), GSM (green)

Rating: IP67