How do I display my Garmin tracker in WeHunt?

Do you have an Android phone with ANT+? If so, read this article.


1. Download the Garmin Connect and Connect IQ apps to your phone

2. Sync your Garmin smartwatch with your phone and download WeHunt in Connect IQ

3. Turn on Garmin Connect under your name in the left-hand menu of the WeHunt phone app

4. Launch the WeHunt app on your watch

5. Tap the menu button on your Garmin watch (on some watch models, you need to tap and hold the menu for a few seconds), then select Scan for handheld. Make sure your handheld device is nearby and turned on.

6. When the Garmin watch is near a Garmin handheld device, you'll see the question ‘Connect to 123456?’ (the number is unique to each handset). Select Yes.

7. When the handheld device has received a position from the collars that have been entered, the collars will appear under the paw symbol menu in the WeHunt phone app

8. Tap the option to display the Garmin tracker on the map under the paw symbol menu


If your handheld device has previously been synced with the Dogtracker app, you must open Dogtracker and unsync it from your handheld device.