How do I create a hunting ground in the app?

Follow the instructions below to create a hunting ground in the WeHunt app;

Carry out the following steps to create your hunting ground in the WeHunt app:
1. Tap + add under Hunting teams and grounds to the app’s left-hand menu.
2. Enter a name for the hunting ground.
3. Choose the County.
4. Select Create border if you would like to have a boundary for your hunting ground.

a) Zoom in on the hunting ground on the map.
b) Set out the boundaries of the hunting area by tapping (+) in the bottom, drag the map so that the cross-hair is pointing towards one corner of the hunting area, and tap (+). Repeat until the hunting ground has the correct boundaries.
c) Tap Done.


Android phones:
a) Zoom in on the hunting ground on the map.
b) Position the cross-hair in one corner of your hunting ground; tap (+). Continue to mark the ground clockwise until the boundary is correctly demarcated.
c) Tap Save in the top right-hand corner.


5. Invite other members of the hunting team by tapping (+) Add member and searching for each member of the hunting teams name or email address and tap Done.


You can also choose to Create a join code for the hunting ground from the Members button down to t, which you then need to distribute to current members of the hunting team. To connect to the hunting ground via their WeHunt account, your hunting colleagues need to enter the join code under Enter code in the left-hand menu of the app.

6. Tap Done to save the hunting ground.


You can make changes to the hunting ground at any time, e.g. change area boundaries or invite additional hunting team members by tapping the name of the hunting ground under Hunting teams and grounds in the left-hand menu and then tapping Manage hunting team in the right-hand menu in the app.